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100% of all Giant Robot Cats say “NO TANKERS!”

December 16, 2010

CTYCRSHR is exploring the northern icy ocean kingdom when suddenly something dark is seen floating on the water! What is it? CTYCRSHR is off to investigate! Upon closer inspection, it is seen to be a large metallic object, filthy in appearance, a blight on the seascape.

Three skycats (CTYCRSHR’s guardians) materialize in a flash of light. In unison they sang most softly & eloquent:

♫ Our dearest CTYCRSHR… ♭ you must help dispose of this corruption… ♪  but be most careful not to break it open… ♩ if it is broken open…  foul poisons will spread into the waters… ♬ lift it up & take it to the mothership… only the mothership can hide it away safely for all time!

Along the way CTYCRSHR sees 2 sad white bears floating on a very small melting bit of ice. Indeed the icy waters are not as icy as they used to be. Lifting them up to safety CTYCRSHR carries them in one paw and the dangerous metal thing on the shoulder.


Stepping up onto the dry land, suddenly CTYCRSHR’s noble journey is interrupted by fire blasting across the sky. A city is on this land and no doubt these flying things intend to protect it. Yet the mothership is ahead & CTYCRSHR must press on.





The flying things lose their power & fall out of the sky. CTYCRSHR crushes ahead through the city to where the mothership floats above. The metal corruption floats out of CTYCRSHR’s grasp as the mothership begins its work. With a sweet humming the purest diamond is spun round, encasing the “supertanker” in a giant crystal. The mothership lifts it into the sky, upwards flying away into space where the encased tanker can be set to drift harmlessly into a star.

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