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CTHULHU in corporate form:

December 16, 2010

In my latest graphic, I thought of how H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu is similar to some of the world’s largest corporations. When many many humans are compartmentalized together a call of insanity seems to begin, a type of “superorganism” mind takes over most thinking processes, a very non-individual type of mind. The individual becomes a disposable cell, a component of some ungodly other.

The tentacles of branded experience & product placements wriggle their way into the deepest corners of our minds.

In the 21st century, we have crowdsourcing systems like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk that encourage a very low level of consciousness, a very low level understanding of the whole. Technology used as a tool of oppression. What are we working towards? The efficiency with which the haves exploit the have-nots is growing!

We see psychotic irrational organizations like BP, Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin & many other openly hostile entities enjoying grotesque levels of riches, wasteful, they rule all, so far above the mere humans who squabble below, fighting for survival in the dirt.

Strangely, these corporations are all interconnected, overlapping tentacle with tentacle, twisting together…. merging & congealing, as if their is one inhuman mind behind it all, driving the destruction onwards relentlessly.

Tasks can be so overspecialized & broken down into such tiny components that the workers do not know when or if the net effect of their labor is pure evil.

It is common knowledge that a certain type of rabid sociopathic madness rises one straight to the top, a shark-like mind, filling up boardrooms around the world. Nobody there cares who is hurt or destroyed, they simply must burn through more resources (and people) in a mad race towards what?

Building a monster!

The winged cats in this picture are similar to the poorest of workers. Their wings (their personal potentials) are clipped by the CTHULHU who must hoard and control all things. The wealth-chasing directors (CTHULHU’s mind) are blind & apathetic to the fact they are senselessly hurting the cats & trapping them into a dismal underworld when all they wished for was to fly free. The cats become merely a part of some irrational crystalline structure …disconnected from their freedom & dreams.

Needless to say, CTHULHU is CTYCRSHR’s nemesis. Not so much because of CTHULHU’s bent to sink the human world into an empire of madness….  CTYCRSHR won’t stand for anyone causing harm to cats!

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