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Giant Robot Cats Crushing Cities Worldwide!

July 27, 2010
Citycrusher dirty roots © 2010

Citycrusher dirty roots © 2010

Today, another city fades into nameless non-remembrance. Business sectors slow in production. We see a rapid loss of manufacturing base. These hyper-dimensional robot cats, or “citycrushers” are erasing cities.

Citycrushers, in theory, are living beings, perhaps of a higher intelligence. No interaction, nor communication has yet been established with them.

Leaked reports reveal world leaders aim to resolve a commission built to establish eventual countermeasures – possibly including military – to combat citycrushers. However, it is unknown if damage to a citycrusher is possible.

Damaging a citycrusher would have unknown consequences. The properties governing a citycrusher’s superposition over our dimensions is poorly understood.

In response to the world leader’s commission, numerous environmental groups condemned it. They argue citycrusher ability to rapidly regenerate & rebuild natural environments outweighs the selective destruction to economy & industry.

Indeed, at any lost city location, nature has regenerated abundantly. Lush rain forest or dense jungle appear in place of concrete sprawl. According to popular rumor, citycrushers rip roofs off or otherwise dismantle buildings, re-purposing the hollowed structures into makeshift planters. Urban decay becomes gardens. Gardens for the giant seedpods carried by citycrushers.

Citycrusher urban renewal

Citycrusher urban renewal © 2010

A seedpod, once set in just such a way, will grow into super-variants of existing plant-life. Plants which somehow rapidly reconfigure any human-built structures into a rich topsoil.

There is general agreement in the scientific community on the possibility that citycrushers cannot be stopped. Current hyperdimensional theory suggests any interaction with a citycrusher might be impossible. Citycrushers might be untouchable, like shadows – one-way shadows – as they can reach outward to touch their surroundings!

Citycrushers may not even be extended into our dimension, we may only be observing the effects of their toolkit. They may have zero accessible points for us to attack.

Attacking the citycrushers seems wrong for many reasons. Research studies show that citycrushers are actually beginning to undo climate change. Perhaps it is time to let some of our cities go.

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