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Ever seen a “moon dog”?

November 11, 2009

I did the other night… or rather a moon cat, I think that is a more appropriate name. A strongly defined black halo that encircled the moon, looking as if there was a large dark body behind the moon.

Now scientists will say this effect is caused by ice crystal refractions in the atmosphere, or some such — but I know that is a big lie. A cover-up. Fact: “Moon dogs” are actually giant CITYCRUSHERS visiting earth, & when they visit us, they orbit just behind the moon. In flight these giant robot cats can curl up in a ball, just like a small earth cat does while sleeping. You see, it makes sense. They try to hide behind the moon, but the silly cats are much too big & can still be easily seen.

I’m sure somewhere on earth a city vanished that night.

Thing is we never know…. I am coming to the conclusion that CITYCRUSHERS erase a city in time, as well as space. They erase all evidence of it going forward and backwards temporally, until no trace remains.

When you see a tall expansive old growth forest stretching for miles & you swear you never noticed it before…. thats proof positive a CITYCRUSHER was at the scene. A city is gone, only perhaps a few of its citizens will have any recollection of its existence — as they wander confusedly into other area they talk of impossible inconsistencies! Society’s response? These citizens are crazy, lock them up, they can only be mentally ill.


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