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October 26, 2009

Human history is littered with a vast array of lost cities & even whole civilizations have been lost!  Truly, a great number of these lost cities have been simply destroyed by one group of humans attacking another group and senselessly looting & destroying everything until there is no trace.  Likewise, a great number of these disappearances can only be blamed on natural cause.

What I am interested in however, is the more mysterious disappearances.  Rumors abound of whole cities that vanished without a trace.  But why does this happen?

My theory is there does exist a form of entities, what is referred to as “CITYCRUSHER”, “CTYCRSHR”, “CTHYCRUSHLU”, etc, & variations thereupon (depending on the dialect of the reference). These entities are directly linked to our cities vanishing.

Commonly, these legendary archetypes are depicted as a feline god/goddess figure, or more often simply as a giant cat.  I’ve come to believe, based on my research, gathered from first-hand case studies, eye-witness accounts, various documents, books & transcripts that these figures are not simply legend, but have a real & tangible manifestation.

A portion of accounts & evidence regarding the “UFO phenomenon” could be more correctly identified as CITYCRUSHER sightings, in my opinion.

Likely the reader may imagine me crazed, but I will produce some of these sources later here, so don’t give up on me yet!  I still have my doubts, but I think at least some of my peers will agree my research is sound, after I publish everything.

Next time, I’ll get into a brief description, a basic overview of what I have learned about CITYCRUSHER.

Have you had contact with, or observed something you believe could be a CITYCRUSHER?

Leave a comment if you’d like to share your experience with me.


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