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October 21, 2009

February 19th, 1997

Account of Patient: Chris Charleston. (suspected false identity)

Patient Appearance (Psychological):

The patient appears excitable, disoriented, confused

Session Transcription:

Patient: I was working on the rig…. you know, oil rigs, right? Its cool, lots of cash on the job. Anyways, what happened to me is I was working on Nanhai IX, thats what the rigs called ya know?, its owned by this CNOOC company….. now everybody thinks I’m a liar and say I never worked there but I (profanity) did — for six (profanity) years!

(here the patient is prompted to talk about the location he was discovered)

Patient: Yeh (laughs) they say I’m just a homeless crazy man now…. found wandering out in the countryside (laughs) but don’t ask me what happened! I have no (expletive) clue! (more nervous laughter) Do you just think I’m a nutcase, doc? I don’t even know how I grew this scraggly beard overnight, what the hell happened to me? (mumbles incoherently)

(here the patient is prompted to describe what he saw at the rig)

Patient: I’ve never seen anything like it, it was this giant cat, must have been miles high, all looking like gleaming metal, just a big cat — there it was! then suddenly BLAM I am here?

Patient seems to be in a delusional amnesiac state. Police confirmed there is no such person in the employee records as a “Chris Charleston” ever having worked for CNOOC Service Ltd, nor any related contractors. What is his real name? Nobody seems to know who he is & he has no ID.

Another inconsistency: the rig he mentions simply does not exist! I researched it & this “Nanhai” series ends at VI, he thinks he worked on IX! How could 3 (or more) oil rigs simply disappear?

Locals in the area he was discovered said this man was spotted wandering aimlessly in a field. Other residents confirm this man’s obvious transient nature, he was observed wandering three days earlier in the same local. It is suspected he has not eaten during this time. Next session I will have to prompt him to talk more about this cat! He called it a CITYCRUSHER before?

Perhaps next session I can gather some more recollections of this incident to ease “Chris” out of his current psychosis.


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