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CTHULHU in corporate form:

December 16, 2010

In my latest graphic, I thought of how H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu is similar to some of the world’s largest corporations. When many many humans are compartmentalized together a call of insanity seems to begin, a type of “superorganism” mind takes over most thinking processes, a very non-individual type of mind. The individual becomes a disposable cell, a component of some ungodly other.

The tentacles of branded experience & product placements wriggle their way into the deepest corners of our minds.

In the 21st century, we have crowdsourcing systems like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk that encourage a very low level of consciousness, a very low level understanding of the whole. Technology used as a tool of oppression. What are we working towards? The efficiency with which the haves exploit the have-nots is growing!

We see psychotic irrational organizations like BP, Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin & many other openly hostile entities enjoying grotesque levels of riches, wasteful, they rule all, so far above the mere humans who squabble below, fighting for survival in the dirt.

Strangely, these corporations are all interconnected, overlapping tentacle with tentacle, twisting together…. merging & congealing, as if their is one inhuman mind behind it all, driving the destruction onwards relentlessly.

Tasks can be so overspecialized & broken down into such tiny components that the workers do not know when or if the net effect of their labor is pure evil.

It is common knowledge that a certain type of rabid sociopathic madness rises one straight to the top, a shark-like mind, filling up boardrooms around the world. Nobody there cares who is hurt or destroyed, they simply must burn through more resources (and people) in a mad race towards what?

Building a monster!

The winged cats in this picture are similar to the poorest of workers. Their wings (their personal potentials) are clipped by the CTHULHU who must hoard and control all things. The wealth-chasing directors (CTHULHU’s mind) are blind & apathetic to the fact they are senselessly hurting the cats & trapping them into a dismal underworld when all they wished for was to fly free. The cats become merely a part of some irrational crystalline structure …disconnected from their freedom & dreams.

Needless to say, CTHULHU is CTYCRSHR’s nemesis. Not so much because of CTHULHU’s bent to sink the human world into an empire of madness….  CTYCRSHR won’t stand for anyone causing harm to cats!


100% of all Giant Robot Cats say “NO TANKERS!”

December 16, 2010

CTYCRSHR is exploring the northern icy ocean kingdom when suddenly something dark is seen floating on the water! What is it? CTYCRSHR is off to investigate! Upon closer inspection, it is seen to be a large metallic object, filthy in appearance, a blight on the seascape.

Three skycats (CTYCRSHR’s guardians) materialize in a flash of light. In unison they sang most softly & eloquent:

♫ Our dearest CTYCRSHR… ♭ you must help dispose of this corruption… ♪  but be most careful not to break it open… ♩ if it is broken open…  foul poisons will spread into the waters… ♬ lift it up & take it to the mothership… only the mothership can hide it away safely for all time!

Along the way CTYCRSHR sees 2 sad white bears floating on a very small melting bit of ice. Indeed the icy waters are not as icy as they used to be. Lifting them up to safety CTYCRSHR carries them in one paw and the dangerous metal thing on the shoulder.


Stepping up onto the dry land, suddenly CTYCRSHR’s noble journey is interrupted by fire blasting across the sky. A city is on this land and no doubt these flying things intend to protect it. Yet the mothership is ahead & CTYCRSHR must press on.





The flying things lose their power & fall out of the sky. CTYCRSHR crushes ahead through the city to where the mothership floats above. The metal corruption floats out of CTYCRSHR’s grasp as the mothership begins its work. With a sweet humming the purest diamond is spun round, encasing the “supertanker” in a giant crystal. The mothership lifts it into the sky, upwards flying away into space where the encased tanker can be set to drift harmlessly into a star.

Giant Robot Cats Crushing Cities Worldwide!

July 27, 2010
Citycrusher dirty roots © 2010

Citycrusher dirty roots © 2010

Today, another city fades into nameless non-remembrance. Business sectors slow in production. We see a rapid loss of manufacturing base. These hyper-dimensional robot cats, or “citycrushers” are erasing cities.

Citycrushers, in theory, are living beings, perhaps of a higher intelligence. No interaction, nor communication has yet been established with them.

Leaked reports reveal world leaders aim to resolve a commission built to establish eventual countermeasures – possibly including military – to combat citycrushers. However, it is unknown if damage to a citycrusher is possible.

Damaging a citycrusher would have unknown consequences. The properties governing a citycrusher’s superposition over our dimensions is poorly understood.

In response to the world leader’s commission, numerous environmental groups condemned it. They argue citycrusher ability to rapidly regenerate & rebuild natural environments outweighs the selective destruction to economy & industry.

Indeed, at any lost city location, nature has regenerated abundantly. Lush rain forest or dense jungle appear in place of concrete sprawl. According to popular rumor, citycrushers rip roofs off or otherwise dismantle buildings, re-purposing the hollowed structures into makeshift planters. Urban decay becomes gardens. Gardens for the giant seedpods carried by citycrushers.

Citycrusher urban renewal

Citycrusher urban renewal © 2010

A seedpod, once set in just such a way, will grow into super-variants of existing plant-life. Plants which somehow rapidly reconfigure any human-built structures into a rich topsoil.

There is general agreement in the scientific community on the possibility that citycrushers cannot be stopped. Current hyperdimensional theory suggests any interaction with a citycrusher might be impossible. Citycrushers might be untouchable, like shadows – one-way shadows – as they can reach outward to touch their surroundings!

Citycrushers may not even be extended into our dimension, we may only be observing the effects of their toolkit. They may have zero accessible points for us to attack.

Attacking the citycrushers seems wrong for many reasons. Research studies show that citycrushers are actually beginning to undo climate change. Perhaps it is time to let some of our cities go.


November 19, 2009

star seed of life

How insignificant our 3 dimensions are, a shadowy artifact lying in a forgotten corner of the higher realms.
It actually has to be unfolded in order to climb inside this small space. The doors are tight and confusing to open. Things would have gone to total shit there, but luckily someone takes care of the place.

TREESEEDER & CITYCRUSHER work together to keep the good life growing. Human “intelligence” is a catalytic (a substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process.) element unbalancing the local equation of matter. Building our cities, and any number of random objects together forming a deadening froth. Breaking down living complexity, and recomposing it into simpler (& usually dead) forms. Human “intelligence” is a disassembling agent through most of our projects, from CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research, to logging operations, automobile manufacture, etc… the locality is decaying rapidly to lower energy levels. Simplified, its a burning the humans do as their main activity. Endlessly replicating in cascade, its an out of control affect that continually amplifies.

CITYCRUSHERS clear out these areas of deadening, causing the lost cities to disappear, they are the gardeners of our 3-D realm. After the residue has been cleared, TREESEEDERS (as shown above) bring their seed collections to rebuild the forests. Forests are connected entities, in their collective nature exponentially more intelligent than humans. Humans actively destroy this life (and most other forms), unfortunately, we are unable to communicate through the soil protocols they use to talk. In folly, we consider this life as non-sentient & cause great pain through our ignorance.


Ever seen a “moon dog”?

November 11, 2009

I did the other night… or rather a moon cat, I think that is a more appropriate name. A strongly defined black halo that encircled the moon, looking as if there was a large dark body behind the moon.

Now scientists will say this effect is caused by ice crystal refractions in the atmosphere, or some such — but I know that is a big lie. A cover-up. Fact: “Moon dogs” are actually giant CITYCRUSHERS visiting earth, & when they visit us, they orbit just behind the moon. In flight these giant robot cats can curl up in a ball, just like a small earth cat does while sleeping. You see, it makes sense. They try to hide behind the moon, but the silly cats are much too big & can still be easily seen.

I’m sure somewhere on earth a city vanished that night.

Thing is we never know…. I am coming to the conclusion that CITYCRUSHERS erase a city in time, as well as space. They erase all evidence of it going forward and backwards temporally, until no trace remains.

When you see a tall expansive old growth forest stretching for miles & you swear you never noticed it before…. thats proof positive a CITYCRUSHER was at the scene. A city is gone, only perhaps a few of its citizens will have any recollection of its existence — as they wander confusedly into other area they talk of impossible inconsistencies! Society’s response? These citizens are crazy, lock them up, they can only be mentally ill.



October 26, 2009

Human history is littered with a vast array of lost cities & even whole civilizations have been lost!  Truly, a great number of these lost cities have been simply destroyed by one group of humans attacking another group and senselessly looting & destroying everything until there is no trace.  Likewise, a great number of these disappearances can only be blamed on natural cause.

What I am interested in however, is the more mysterious disappearances.  Rumors abound of whole cities that vanished without a trace.  But why does this happen?

My theory is there does exist a form of entities, what is referred to as “CITYCRUSHER”, “CTYCRSHR”, “CTHYCRUSHLU”, etc, & variations thereupon (depending on the dialect of the reference). These entities are directly linked to our cities vanishing.

Commonly, these legendary archetypes are depicted as a feline god/goddess figure, or more often simply as a giant cat.  I’ve come to believe, based on my research, gathered from first-hand case studies, eye-witness accounts, various documents, books & transcripts that these figures are not simply legend, but have a real & tangible manifestation.

A portion of accounts & evidence regarding the “UFO phenomenon” could be more correctly identified as CITYCRUSHER sightings, in my opinion.

Likely the reader may imagine me crazed, but I will produce some of these sources later here, so don’t give up on me yet!  I still have my doubts, but I think at least some of my peers will agree my research is sound, after I publish everything.

Next time, I’ll get into a brief description, a basic overview of what I have learned about CITYCRUSHER.

Have you had contact with, or observed something you believe could be a CITYCRUSHER?

Leave a comment if you’d like to share your experience with me.



October 21, 2009

February 19th, 1997

Account of Patient: Chris Charleston. (suspected false identity)

Patient Appearance (Psychological):

The patient appears excitable, disoriented, confused

Session Transcription:

Patient: I was working on the rig…. you know, oil rigs, right? Its cool, lots of cash on the job. Anyways, what happened to me is I was working on Nanhai IX, thats what the rigs called ya know?, its owned by this CNOOC company….. now everybody thinks I’m a liar and say I never worked there but I (profanity) did — for six (profanity) years!

(here the patient is prompted to talk about the location he was discovered)

Patient: Yeh (laughs) they say I’m just a homeless crazy man now…. found wandering out in the countryside (laughs) but don’t ask me what happened! I have no (expletive) clue! (more nervous laughter) Do you just think I’m a nutcase, doc? I don’t even know how I grew this scraggly beard overnight, what the hell happened to me? (mumbles incoherently)

(here the patient is prompted to describe what he saw at the rig)

Patient: I’ve never seen anything like it, it was this giant cat, must have been miles high, all looking like gleaming metal, just a big cat — there it was! then suddenly BLAM I am here?

Patient seems to be in a delusional amnesiac state. Police confirmed there is no such person in the employee records as a “Chris Charleston” ever having worked for CNOOC Service Ltd, nor any related contractors. What is his real name? Nobody seems to know who he is & he has no ID.

Another inconsistency: the rig he mentions simply does not exist! I researched it & this “Nanhai” series ends at VI, he thinks he worked on IX! How could 3 (or more) oil rigs simply disappear?

Locals in the area he was discovered said this man was spotted wandering aimlessly in a field. Other residents confirm this man’s obvious transient nature, he was observed wandering three days earlier in the same local. It is suspected he has not eaten during this time. Next session I will have to prompt him to talk more about this cat! He called it a CITYCRUSHER before?

Perhaps next session I can gather some more recollections of this incident to ease “Chris” out of his current psychosis.